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Become an Earth Warrior with the

Earth Pageants!

Hey, Change-Maker! Have you ever felt the call to stand as a guardian for our beautiful Earth? To voice the whispers of the oceans, to echo the song of the forests, and to champion the cause of every living being? If so, the renowned Earth Pageants awaits YOU! Ranked among the top five pageants in the USA and shining as one of the top two premier pageants internationally, the Earth Pageants is not just another tiara quest. It’s a mission, a responsibility, and above all, a commitment to be Earth's protector and healer. Our queens are more than just beautiful faces; they are: Action-takers Changemakers Earth's most passionate advocates We champion diversity, with our sisterhood spanning various backgrounds, cultures, traditions, and ethnicities. Yet, amidst these differences, a common thread binds us - a burning passion to create legacies, inspire future generations, and make a tangible difference in our world. "Defend the Earth, Wear the Crown, and Let Your Legacy Resound!" So, are you ready to embrace your inner Earth Warrior? To not just wear a crown, but to wear it for a cause? The 2024 Earth Pageants is your stage, your platform, and your chance to join a lineage of earth-loving, world-changing queens!

crème de la crème

Mrs. Sharrell Howard

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