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Mrs./Ms. Earth® USA is an official preliminary to Mrs./Ms. Earth®Interntational, a Top 3 international pageant. Female delegates age 5 and Up, who are US citizens, may be selected through a state pageant, casting or appointed title. You need not have previous pageant experience to participate. All delegates must first submit an application through the national office. APPLY NOW  


How do I apply to become a delegate?


CLICK HERE to view and complete the short application. Please use the second form for application submission. A representative will reply within 48 hours. All contestants must submit a national application to qualify for their state pageant or to be considered for an appointed state title.


What titles are available that qualify for the national pageant?


In 2023, we will be awarding state titles and a select number of regional titles. For a complete list of available titles, please Contact Us! All candidates must be US citizens and currently unmarried (excluding Mrs.). Candidates in the MS & Teen divisions must be not married. Age valid as of July 1, 2023..

  • Elite Division (Age 40+) 

  • MS Division (Age 21+) - May not turn 27 before November 10, 2023

  • Teen Division (Age 16-19)

  • Jr. Teen (Age 10-15)

  • Little (Age 5-10)

  • Mrs. Division (Age 21+)

Are you holding state pageants?


Yes! Delegates must live, attend school or work in the state of competition at the time of the state contest.


Delegates representing other states and regions will be selected through a casting or application and invitation to hold a title. Please submit a Contact form to learn more about appointment opportunities. 

What is a regional title?


Regional titles are equal to state titles and are offered to exceptional delegates when their state title has already been awarded. Available regional titles include Great Lakes, Great Plains, Midatlantic, Midwest, Mountain Range, New England, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest.

When is the last day to apply for a 2023 appointed title?


The last day to apply is May 1, 2023. We encourage you to apply as early as possible to be able to plan accordingly for the national pageant being held in 26-28 May 2023.


Is the application fee refundable?



What fees are required?


State entry fee is $995. Total fees for appointed state titles are $1295 plus a $75 application fee. Payment plans are available and sponsorship is encouraged.  ​


Are there ad page requirements?


We do require ad pages. It is mandatory to purchase one ad page. Delegates may purchase additional full page ad space if she chooses, with order deadline of April 15th. Program books are commemorative pieces for contestants, and also keep guests and judges informed of events, names, titles of the contestants and reigning queens. They can be valuable advertisement space for businesses as they are viewed and retained by hundreds of patrons for years. Full page advertisements are $350per page plus $125 design fee. Purchasing an ad page does not include show tickets or vendor space. Ad pages are printed in full color, 8.5" width x 11" height (plus 1/4 inch bleed). Images submitted for an ad page must be high resolution, 300 dpi, JPG files. For more information on ad pages, please click HERE


What do the national winners receive?


Each national title holder will represent the United States at her international competition. Additionally, national queens are invited on international and domestic travel opportunities and will have other opportunities available. Winners will appear as environmental ambassadors and will return to the following year's national pageant to crown successors.


The winner of Mrs./Ms. Earth ®USA will receive the opportunity of a lifetime to represent the United States of America at Mrs./Ms. Earth International, one of the planet's top international pageants. She will be trained and prepared extensively during the months prior to rs./Ms Earth. Her one-year reign will include  opportunities to appear in the media, support environmental causes and represent the Mrs./Ms.Earth brand.

Will the pageant be televised or livestreamed?


Yes! Mrs./Ms. Earth United States and preliminary shows will be live webcast across the world and will be filmed and edited for television broadcast.





How is Miss Earth USA judged?


Judging criteria includes character, poise, confidence, personality, speaking, knowledge of world issues and especially environmental concerns.


Is there a talent portion of the competition?


No, there is no performing talent required. We do offer an optional talent video submission, which may be an optional award and National Director will note talent for any opportunities which open which require certain talent.


Is there a swimwear portion of the competition?


Yes, we are proud to offer the swimwear competition in some divisions. Our organization believes that the swimwear competition allows a young woman to strive for great health and positive energy, with scoring based on health, fitness and modeling skills, and supporting a variety of body types. Delegates may choose a one piece or two piece that suits their body type and style. They will use a sarong as well.


Are you only looking for perfect “10’s”?


Absolutely not! We’re looking for outgoing, intelligent, confident, attractive young ladies and women excited to represent their states and regions and ultimately, the United States of America.


Do I have to be a “Pageant Girl” to enter?


Not at all, in fact many of our contestants are newcomers to pageants.


Are there any height or weight requirements to compete in the pageant?


Absolutely not! Each contestant in our pageant is an individual and the judges are looking for body proportion, personality, and modeling/walking ability, not a specific body measurement.





How does “Sponsorship” work?


Sponsorship is optional, yet highly recommended if you are seeking assistance in funding your pageant fees. All official delegates are

provided a sponsorship letter to solicit corporate or personal gifts. You should start with a list of potential sponsors such as friends and family members and their employers, etc. Plan your strategy, and make a plan to succeed! Schedule appointments to collect your sponsorships. When approaching potential sponsors, explain your goals, your desire to improve yourself by participating in Mrs./Ms. Earth USA, spreading awareness about key environmental concerns, obtaining academic scholarship opportunities and meeting other young women striving to represent "Glamorously Green." Let them know what your experience will entail. Your National Director is available to have sessions to teach you to find sponsors.


Our goal is for contestants to collect all of their entry fees and other expenses through sponsorship if needed. This is a tax-deductible advertising and marketing expense for those businesses that assist you with monetary donations. If you work hard on collecting sponsorship, it is possible that you will not incur any expenses out-of-pocket at all. In addition, hard working contestants can receive material item sponsorship, such as a dress, tanning, a free haircut, etc.


What if I raise more sponsorship money than the required entry fee?


If you raise more money than required for your entry fee, you may use the extra funds to cover any additional expenses associated with the pageant but may not receive cash back from the pageant. All sponsorship monies should be paid by the sponsor(s) directly to the delegate, so funds may be applied where necessary.


What should I do if a sponsor gives me cash for my entry fee?


If you receive cash contributions for your entry fee, you may put that money into a money order or send a personal check. See the Fee Schedule for details (you receive this with your acceptance letter). Please DO NOT send cash through the mail at any time. If your cash collected exceeds the entry fee for the state pageant, then you do not have to send the additional cash to the national office. If you wish, you may purchase an additional ad page in the program book for any sponsorship overages, pay for professional hair and make-up services by our back-stage team, pay for the photo package, or purchase a hotel room for your stay.





As a titleholder, can I support causes other than environmental awareness?


Yes! As a Mrs/Ms Earth USA titleholder, you are encouraged to support any and all the causes that are of meaning to you, however please discuss with your State or National Director for approval to ensure it is not a conflict or disallowed activity. The organization will plan a few national environmental awareness campaigns throughout the year such as Earth Day and will share ways for delegates to get involved in their communities. Director will also try aligning you with opportunities you fit.


Are there any rules regarding appearances?


Delegates are to make at least two appearances per month in their communities. Be sure to attend Zoom trainings offered to learn where to find these opportunities. We encourage each delegate to know their point of contact at each event and to attend appearances with a family member or friend. Delegates under the age of 21 should never make an appearance at a bar or any location where attendees must be of age. Delegates should plan appearance attire that is conservative and classy. When at appearances, it is sometimes not appropriate to wear the crown, check with Director or National Director. Always refrain from using your phone during appearances. Never give out your contact information during appearances. Be sure to post a photo from every appearance on social media and tag  It is always appreciated to write your appearance contact a letter of thanks after the event, whether it be handwritten or an email.  


Can I create a titleholder social media account?


Delegates will be assigned their official Facebook fanpages, which should be used throughout the year to highlight their reigns. These pages remain the property of Mrs./Ms. Earth USA, and will be transferred to the new delegate each year. Some state directors also have state branded Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat accounts that they loan to the titleholders. Account names should always accurately represent the title and include the year. Social media accounts should only contain language and images that are in good taste, that pertain to the delegate's duties within Mrs./Ms Earth USA, and are always representative of the mission of Mrs./Ms EARTH. National Director and Owner will be admins as well. Titleholders cannot block admins or change photos or banners without permsission.





Will there be semi-finalists/finalists named?


The number of semi-finalists and finalists is subject to change. In years past, Miss Earth USA has named 12-20 semi-finalists per division. Semi-finalists will re-compete in runway, then 8-12 finalists per division will be named. Finalists will re-compete in swimwear and gown, and the Top 4 or 5 will conduct on-stage question. The new scores in each category will be added to preliminary scores, so all judging will continue to factor into determining the final rankings and winner. The Top 5 for Miss Earth United States will all receive a sash, crown, title and elemental queen prizes. For the divisions of Mrs., Elite and Teen, only one (1) winner receives a title, sash and crown.


If I am not named as a semi-finalist or finalist, will I still be in the pageant finals?


Absolutely. All contestants will participate in the finale opening number, an additional on-stage production number, as well as a parade of gowns and awards wearing evening gown. Non-finalists will receive awards such as Top Interview for a Non-Finalist. You will be on stage at many times during the pageant finals, even if you are not named as a semi-finalist or finalist.


What is the “Opening Number Dress” for?


At the beginning of preliminaries and the finale, each delegate will be introduced to the audience during an upbeat musical number. Delegates will not sing, and the choreographed moves are very easy; you do not need to be a dancer. Delegates will be provided images of the dress(es) in the months prior to the competition. 


If I win, will it interfere with school or work?


Each contestant for the Miss division should be prepared to address how she will manage the major commitment required of the national titleholder during the fall semester. Most winners have found it necessary to adjust class and work schedules to meet these demands, usually with the support of friends, family and colleagues, who understand the importance of this once in a lifetime opportunity. Miss Earth USA will dedicate approximately four weeks in the fall to travel internationally to compete at Miss Earth (all expenses paid). If crowned Miss Earth, she will embark upon another exciting year traveling internationally, as dictated by Carousel Productions - the owners of Miss Earth. If she should not be crowned Miss Earth, the schedule of Miss Earth USA is very flexible upon her return, although many travel opportunities will remain available including charitable events, photo shoots and taking part in regional pageants.


Mrs., Elite and Teen expectations will be clearly outlined and planned in advance, with most required activities taking place on the weekends. For these divisions, we certainly make school and work number one priorities as you take home your crowns! Our titleholders have varying availability given school and work schedules, therefore we leave it up to that individual to do as much or as little during their reign as possible.


Am I allowed to compete in other pageants during my reign?


Once you have accepted a state title, you may not compete for other pageants through the national competition as not to conflict with your preparation for Miss Earth USA. National winners may not compete during their year of service for Miss Earth USA. Thereafter, state titles are not binding UNLESS you have won a state pageant. All state delegates sign an agreement stating that you will recruit for and attend the following year's regional or state pageant to crown your successor. Therefore, if you do receive another title during your reign, you will be expected to communicate to your new organization that you have outgoing duties. Some regional or state directors will offer a cash incentive for you to decline competitions so you may dedicate your entire year to Miss Earth USA and the growth of this organization. 


Can you give me the color of the opening number dresses, stage, curtain, walking patterns, etc.?


When specific information is available, it will be communicated with all national contestants. Bear in mind that this information may change for each division and may be released to each division at various times.


Can you tell me what songs will be played during opening number/swim/evening gown, etc?


This information is decided in the final weeks as to remain current with the times, so contestants will learn this information during the national pageant.


What should I wear to rehearsals?


State sashes should be worn at all national activities. Rehearsal attire should be presentable, as photographs will be taken throughout the week; however, remember that you are not being judged during rehearsal and this is an opportunity to relax a bit. Some choose to wear a comfy leggings outfit, and some opt for a sassy fashionable outfit. You should bring competition shoes to rehearsals. 

What wardrobe do I receive?


Subject to Change in 2019: All delegates receive a logo shirt, runway attire, AshleyLauren opening number dress, Marc DeFang heels, Shoe la Vie canvas shoes, earrings, and Pixton Design Group finalist swimwear. All delegates should provide their own rehearsal wear, interview attire, evening gown, preliminary swimsuit and sarong and other necessary wardrobe as detailed in your welcome packet. 


Can you tell us who the judges will be? What if I know a judge?


Judges will be announced in the weeks prior to the pageant. Judges are required to sign a notarized document that judging will be based solely on the contestants' performance at the pageant and for no other reason. Therefore, if any judge knows or is familiar with a contestant, this will neither aid nor discount them in the scoring process. Miss Earth USA DOES provide contestant lists to the judges ahead of time, and major conflicts of interest may be considered in determining a judges' eligibility. Judges and delegates should refrain from communicating via phone, email, text, social media, and of course in person.

Can I receive scores after the pageant?


We do not share scores or judge feedback. Video will be made available, and we encourage you to watch the video to gain insight on your performance. 


What happens if I can’t get my registration materials in before the deadlines?


Deadlines are very important in order to make timely program preparations. We realize that unexpected circumstances can arise, so please stay in communication with your Delegate Coordinator regarding your timeline. Please be advised that a late fee may be applied if materials or entry fees are turned in after the deadline.


Are there local titles available?


Yes! Please contact us to learn more about available local titles for ages 5-59. Even though we do not offer a national program for ages 5-13, we do offer non-binding local and state titles for the Little Miss and Junior Miss divisions.


How is the competition order determined?


The competition order will be alphabetically by state. Age divisions in all states compete together for each individual competition.


Do I need to bring or pay for meals during pageant week?


Meals options are provided as well as coupons to nearby restaurants. We do provide time during the week for you to enjoy the host city with your family during breaks between rehearsals and contests. A pageant reception for delegates, friends and family will be included in the week prior to the final competition. A detailed schedule will be provided in the weeks prior to the pageant, so you can plan ahead. 


Is national lodging included? 


Program fees do NOT include lodging during the national pageant activities UNLESS you win a state pageant and the director has indicated lodging is provided for state pageant winners. Delegates, family and friends are encouraged to stay at the host hotel, where interviews, meetings and all preliminary events are being held. Delegates may contact their delegate coordinator or state director if they are interested in being matched with a roommate or roommates at the host hotel. 2019 host hotel information coming soon! 


What are the nearest airports or train stations?


2019 Information coming soon! 


Will I have time to visit with my family and friends during pageant weekend?  


There are many events and "free time" planned during the week for you to enjoy time with your family and friends. We ask guests to respect the contestant's official schedule and do not enter private areas and events such as rehearsals, interviews, and backstage. All that being said, competition can be a stressful time, so we do recommend you arrive early and/or stay longer in the host city to relax and enjoy the experience with your guests. 


If my family or friends want to attend the pageant, where do they stay?


Family and friends are encouraged to stay at the host hotel, where interviews, meetings and all preliminary events are being held.


How do my family and friends get tickets to attend the pageant?


Ticket information will become available in the months prior to the pageant. Check back here or Facebook for ticketing information. 


How many contestants compete at the pageant?


We expect approximately 50 contestants in the Miss division and 25-40 contestants in each of the supporting divisions.


What should my family and friends wear to the pageant?


We recommend anything from business casual to formalwear for preliminaries. The finale and any banquets scheduled call for formalwear. We advise your friends and family to dress as they would like to be photographed with you on stage when you win a national title!






  • Must be at least 18 and no older than 26 years of age on July 1, 2019

  • May not turn 27 prior to November 10, 2019 

  • Never married, never given birth and not currently pregnant

  • Currently unmarried and remain unmarried throughout reign



  • Must be at least 14 and no older than 18 years of age on July 1, 2019

  • Never married, never given birth and not currently pregnant

  • Currently unmarried and remain unmarried throughout reign


  • Must be at least 26 and no older than 38 years of age on July 1, 2019

  • Currently unmarried and remain unmarried throughout reign


  • Must be at least 21 and no older than 59 years of age on July 1, 2019

  • Currently legally married and remain married throughout reign



  • ​Can have never posed nude in print or other media

  • Must be a natural born female 

  • Must be a citizen of the United States

  • Must be of good moral and physical health

  • Must have never been convicted of a crime, nor served jail time



  • Must agree, that if selected to represent their state in the MISS EARTH USA Pageant, they will participate in that pageant, and will abide by all the rules and regulations governing that pageant, and will fund expenses required to participate. 

  • Must agree, that if selected as Miss Earth USA to represent the USA at Miss Earth, she will participate in that pageant, and will abide by all the rules and regulations governing that pageant. 

  • Must agree, that if selected as Mrs., Elite Miss or Teen Miss Earth USA, she will represent the USA at the international pageant selected by the organization, and will abide by all the rules and regulations governing that pageant. 

  • Must be willing to release, unconditionally and forever, any claim against BEAUTY BEYOND BORDERS, CAROUSEL PRODUCTIONS, additional sponsors and affiliates, respective officers, directors, partners, employees, agents and assigns, which they may have by virtue of their participation in their state pageant, or by any use of their name, likeness, voice, and/or biography in connection with their state pageant, including use in promotional and advertising material.

  • Must understand and agree that all issues as to eligibility shall be determined by BEAUTY BEYOND BORDERS, CAROUSEL PRODUCTIONS, additional sponsors and affiliates, and they must agree to abide by that determination both as to themselves and other applicants.



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